Our history of Design-Build and CM/GC projects have been a wonderful training ground for tailoring our structural designs so they optimize the entire project, not just the structure .  Our engineers bring the experience necessary to identify structures that best fit the project, and identify constructability issues early in design.

Our goal is to take past project experiences and provide economical and risk-mitigating designs. We offer the following services:

  • Design of multi-span steel, concrete, and prestressed concrete bridges to AASHTO Guidelines  
  • ABC Design - launching, SPMT, and sliding designs (our firm has slid 5 individual bridges to date)
  • Analysis of multi-span structures to determine seismic loads
  • Bent designs with and without isolation bearings
  • Temporary structures / abutments to maintain traffic through phasing
  • Precast panel deck design & bridge rehabilitation plans
  • Overhead sign & pedestrian structures
  • Value engineering concepts developed from a history of Design-Build (DB) and Construction Manager / General Contractor (CMGC) projects
  • Design of structural rehabilitations and emergency repairs 
  • Designs of box culverts, retaining walls, and headwalls
  • Independent reviews, ratings, and post-design services
  • Familiarity with UDOT's SDDM, BMM, Standards, Sample Plans, and QC/QA requirements
  • Coordination and integration of structure design with 3D roadway delivery (MBDC)
  • Shoring Designs

We have also provided assistance for numerous non-traditional projects.