Below are a few projects we would like to highlight that display the range of services we provide.

C-334 Bridge Widening Over SR-13

K&A provided the design of a double overhang bridge that widens I-15 SB to provide additional room for an onbound acceleration lane.  This project is in construction and the deck was just removed.



The Colony:  Private Residence Bridge

K&A provided a private residential bridge to access mountainside property at the Colony. 



I-15; 800 S Emergency Deck Repair

K&A provided emergency repair details for the replacement of localized deterioration of the 800 S deck. 


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I-15; MP 37 to 44 Add NB Climbing Lane

K&A is designing two bridges that will provide an additional I-15 NB climbing lane near Zion National Park.  Phasing the construction will minimize the traffic impacts while providing economical construction.  K&A is a subconsultant to Lochner. 


(design is complete, in construction)

SR-118; Bridge Replacement Over Sevier River

K&A recently completed the bridge design for replacement of the existing structure over the Sevier River.  The new prestressed concrete bridge will increase roadside safety and improve hydraulic performance while minimizing the roadway vertical profile impacts to provide additional freeboard and minimize roadway construction costs.  The new bridge will also be outside of the river ordinary high water mark, reducing work in the river and the associated costs and risks.  



2200 West Widening, South Jordan, UT

K&A is providing structural design services for the widening of 2200 West in South Jordan as a subconsultant to PEC.  A culvert extension and replacement box culvert will be required to provide the new roadway section.


SR-311 Over the Strawberry River 

K&A provided a bridge replacement over the Strawberry River.  Our team performed the hydraulic analysis and was able to match the existing roadway profile by keeping the span to a minimum.  We accomplished matching the previous span by moving one abutment in front of the existing bridge abutment. 

I-80 Parley’s Summit to Jeremy Ranch WB Truck Lane, Wildlife Crossing

K&A provided QC for the design and plans of the two span 319’ haunched steel girder bridge allowing wildlife to safely cross I-80.  K&A was a subconsultant to WSP. 


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Jordan River Pedestrian Bridge Shoring

K&A provided shoring for Gerber Construction to allow rapid erection and splicing of the 280' pedestrian bridge where it crosses 3 UPRR lines.



I-15 Hillfield Road Interchange Replacement

K&A performed the role of Structures Design Manager as a subconsultant to WSP for the replacement of two 178' single span I-15 mainline bridges.  Replaced by sliding methods, K&A lead the development of the slide details, with the first bridge lowered 2' and moved into place in 7 hrs.  The southbound bridge was used as a shoofly to maintain I-15 traffic. 

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Parley's Trail Over 600 West

 K&A provided the design and plans for the addition of a pedestrian bridge requiring modification of UTA bridge abutments.   K&A was a subconsultant to Perkins Engineering.

The Colony at Iron Mountain

 K&A designed 11 hollow core prestressed slab bridges, 9 Conspan arch bridges, a box culvert, and a twelve foot diameter pipe w/ headwalls for the Colony development in Park City.  These were developer funded projects in search of high-value aesthetic solutions that were quick to erect.  



Salt Lake City Airport Terminal Bridge

K&A provided QC of the post-tensioned bentcaps, bearings, and strength limit state design of the substructure for the 2000 foot, 19 span bridge providing access to new terminals.  K&A was a subconsultant to Horrocks Engineers.  


(design is complete, under construction)

I-15 Manderfield Bridge Replacement, Superstructure Redesign and Temporary Abutments / Slide Design 

K&A acted as a subconsultant for Flatiron Construction.  K&A redesigned a superstructure saving over $1M on a $4M project while maintaining the schedule provided at project award.  K&A provided the superstructure redesign, designs of the temporary abutments, and sliding details.  Both interstate bridges were slid into place in a single weekend closure in less than 57 hours.


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UDOT Structures Support UDOT, Statewide 

K&A provided rehabilitation projects working with UDOT structures including a replacement of a continuous 3 span interior beam on Redwood Road over the Surplus Canal (shown), wall rehabilitations in Fairview Canyon, and safety upgrades on several other projects. Jason worked directly with UDOT structures staff over 2 years on 10 projects, often providing field support.  

Wahlquist Bridge Widening

K&A was the structures lead as a subconsultant to Gardner Engineering providing the design and plans for the 25’ widening of a three span slab bridge on spread footings over the Willard Canal.  

US-89 and SR-203 Box Culvert and Retaining Walls

Working as a subconsultant to PEC, K&A provided a box culvert design that allowed phased construction with precast footings allowing US-89 traffic to be maintained throughout construction.  These structures were a last minute addition to project scope after PIH, the design was completed in 6 weeks. Jason developed the design and plans.  

Huntington Canyon Emergency Erosion Repair

An emergency project with overturned walls, regular flooding in the canyon required an accelerated design and construction schedule.  K&A accelerated the plans knowing the consequences of the weather, the team used creative methods of handling the flows (using water bridge shown), the construction was completed 3 months after NTP. 

SR-154; Bangerter Highway at 13400 South Intersection Modification

K&A provided structural design, plans, specifications, and an engineer’s estimate for a box culvert extension and three retaining walls for the UDOT in-house project that adds two free right turn lanes from 134th eastbound to Bangerter southbound.